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Fourth Party Logistics Consultancy Services

Independent fourth party logistics consultants (4PL), Aceona has no
assets and therefore no vested interests. Instead, Aceona look objectively
at your transport, storage and warehousing operations and recommend a
tailored solution to support your business and save you money.

The consultation process is simple. We visit your business, take away
your transport, storage and warehousing requirements and find a tailored
logistics solution to meet your needs.

4PL is a flexible and adaptable model that can change quickly and
cost-effectively as your business changes.   Aceona has a large database of suppliers and contacts that enable highly creative solutions to be assembled to match your business needs - shipping, rail, air, storage etc.  We operate globally and have significant experience within imports/exports and consignment planning worldwide as well as all operations within the UK.

4PL is ideal for businesses that need to challenge operational change or
make significant capital investment. The process is more able to present
broader scenario testing and, therefore, a greater understanding of
risk/financial exposure as every option is explored and costed.
Aceona have significant experience of using the 4PL model to maximise
efficiency and minimise cost in their client's businesses.

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