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Transport Planning & Logistics Services

Transport planning to reduce costs is a skill.  Often transport
planning is clouded by keeping your assets busy so you think they
are making you money.  The real challenge is to make your assets
work effectively - perhaps dovetail with other modes in order to
increase utlisation and increase revenue/reduce costs.

What if we could utilise rail freight to replace long distance
trunking or work out effective backloads to dovetail with other
flows that we manage to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness?

freight lorry bays

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Aceona's logistics services include:

  • Road haulage

    • Full equipment specification for
      your business requirements
    • Fleet size optimisation
    • Profit optimisation (asset
    • Rate optimisation
    • Haulage booking
  • Rail freight

    • Equipment specification
    • Integration with road to reduce
      rates and maximise profits
    • Rate negotiation
    • Train booking/planning

  • Warehousing

    • Temporary/long term specification
    • Break-bulk
    • Repackaging
    • Bulk storage
  • Supply chain management

    • Movement planning
    • Management of equipment to
      reduce quay rent and detention
    • Contingency planning &

Aceona can also maximise your profits by looking at opportunities to achieve economies of scale with other business flows, please visit our 'Case Studies' to see examples.